finaleDominique Bollinger is born in Lyon (France) in 1950. He has started photography in 1969. He has managed a photographic studio and done a reportage in Africa, works on Paris and color landscape studies in France, Mexico and the United States. Since 1986 he lives and works in Italy, near Rome, where he developed differents series : Rome and surroundings, Gardens, Flowers, and South of Italy (Puglia and Sicily). After working on color landscapes in France and the United States, Dominique now mainly shoots in black and white. In 2008 he has started a series on tourists visiting the churches of Rome. He opened his own gallery in Tuscany, near Siena, in 2010, and began a serie on Val d’Orcia landscapes with special 8×10” camera.
He prints himself his images on gelatin silver paper, platinum or giclée prints. He use films and does not manipulate his images with the computer.  He has done some commercial works with Ikea, Patek Philippe, Pioneer.
He has published his second book “FLEURS” in March 2012, after “The South” his first book in 2010.

Recent exhibitions :

2013    “Oltre l’immagine di Roma…” Libreria Einaudi, Roma. (One person)
2012    “Notes de voyages” with Paolo Cellamare (paintings), San Quirico d’Orcia (Siena)
2011    “Fleurs”, Galleria Da cosa nasce cosa,  Piacenza. (One person)
“Fleurs”,  Porta Napoletana, Velletri, Roma. (One person)
2010    Val d’Orcia landscapes, Orcia Fine Art Photography, San Quirico d’Orcia (Siena) (One person)
2009    Amy Saret Gallery, Sonoma, California, Usa. (Group)
2008    Fine Art Fair, Hamburg, Germany. (Group)
Photo Miami Fair 2008, with Sous Les Etoiles Gallery, Miami. (Group)
2007    Galerie Ducastel, Parcours de l’art, Avignon, France. (One person)
Flo Peters Gallery, Hamburg, Germany. (Group)
Galerie Benninger, Cologne, Germany. (One person)
2006    Prima Luce, photographs from E. Weston to M. Giacomelli, Padova, Italy. (Group)
The international Photography Gathering, Aleppo, Syria. (Group)
2005    Fotosphere Gallery, New York, Usa. (One person)
2004    Candace Perich Gallery, Katonah, NY, Usa. (Group)
2003    Galerie Benninger, Cologne, Germany. (One person)
Kamera und Fotomuseum, Leipzig, Germany. (Group)
Galleria fotografica “Luigi Ghirri”, Caltagirone, Italy. (One person)
Galleria Carta Bianca fine art, Catania, Italy. (One person)
Galerie In Focus, Cologne, Germany. (Group)
2002    Spazio Arte, sala Umberto, Rome, Italy. (One person)
Hugo Boss showroom, 30 years celebration of Zoom Magazine, New York, Usa. (Group)
2000    Barry Singer Gallery, Petaluma, California, Usa. (One person)

Recent publications :

2012    “Fleurs” book of 64 pages including 36 images of “his flowers”.
2010    “The South” book of 68 pages including 46 images of South Italy.
2008    Silvershotz, Australia, UK and Usa.
2007    Il Fotografo, Milan, Italy.
2006    AG magazine, London, UK.
2005    Black & White magazine, California, Usa.
2002    Zoom Magazine, 30 years celebration, Italy and Usa.

Collections :

Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, France.
Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris, France.
Musée Nicephore Niepce, Châlon sur Saône, France.
Museo della fotografia, Caltagirone, Italy.
CameraWork Gallery, Christian Diener, Berlin, Germany.
Numerous private collections worldwide.

Prizes :

Black & White Spider Awards, Nominated categorie Fine Art Photography, 2009, 2008.
First prize “G.R. Namias”, Milan, Italy.
Prix Agfa-Photographies Magazine, Paris, France.
Prix Kodak de la critique photographique, Paris, France.

Gallery Representatives :

Sous les Etoiles Gallery, New York, Usa
Meter Gallery, New York, Usa
Saret Gallery, Sonoma, California, Usa
Flo Peters Gallery, Hamburg, Germany.
Galerie Olivier Nouvellet, Paris, France

Stock agencies :

Gallery Stock, New York.
Millenium Images, London.